Monday, June 18, 2007

4 shirts added here :

1) Malaysia has got a brand new shirt by adidas?? err wait a minute.. I thought Nike is making our shirts now. Well, not sure if this new adidas shirt is for the ladies team, veteran team or some other 'alternative' national team, but I guess this is the adidas Malaysia home shirt IF they still have the contract to supply the shirts to the national team.. oh well, nice round neck design tho'. . someone told me this the 'in denial' shirt by adidas..haha. as some folks in adidas might be thinking that they still make shirts for Malaysia national team.

2) Singapore new away shirt by Nike. Very simple v neck template, with the Singapore flag ironed on. Thanks to Marl who bought this in Changi Airport's Nike shop.

3) Juventus Centenary shirt of few years back made by Kappa. Pink!! A classic!

4) Feyenoord Rotterdam training tank top made by Kappa. Will wear this when I lose few more inches of the waistline..haha


ps. When is the new Derby shirt by adidas coming out, Mik??