Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hi, am actually updating the blog, finally. Here are some shirts added :

1. Juventus away Nike with Cannavaro name/number
2. Wigan Athletics last season with Emile Heskey name/number
3. Selangor team for SUKMA 2002 in Sabah, cheaply made by Umro Malaysia
4. Penang 07/08 home shirt by Specs, good local brand in Indonesia
5. Liverpool 07/08 away shirt by Adidas with Torres name/number
6. Liverpool 06/08 away yellow shirt by Adidas
7. Italy away shirt from 2006/07 (Puma with 4 stars) with Toni name/number
8. Italy home shirt from 2006/07 (Puma with 4 stars)
9. Grasshopper Zurich (Switzerland) home shirt from 07/08. Thanks Errna & Hubby!
10. Alain Giresse (French legendary midfielder) tribute shirt. Google him!
11. France home shirt for Euro 2008
12. Fandi Ahmad tribute shirt by Topper
13. Derby County home shirt with added Kenny Miller name/number.