Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zidane. Will there ever be another one like him?

Tough to say. I guess I am lucky to have been able to sit in front of the telly back in 1998 to be mesmerized by the delicate & dazzling skills of Zinedine Zidane for France in the World Cup tournament. For quite a number of memorable years, he continued to enthrall and captivate millions of footie fans the world over, from his stints with Juventus, Real Madrid, France national team or even when he first started out professionally with Cannes & then Bordeaux.

This white away shirt from that '98 glorious triumph for France is as per the one worn by the man himself. The white shirt was worn in the now-legendary quarterfinals encounter between France & Italy. Penalty shootouts win took Les Blues to the next stage, and the rest is history.

Bought from Rozdi again. Thanks my man!

Bukta remains an iconic brand out of UK.

Bought this one recently from a friend, Rozdi. He gave me a very good deal for it (Thanks Rozdi!).
Millwall is a team from south east of London, founded in 1885. A team that is very well-known for its lion-like fighting spirits and its passionate fans, it is befitting that the team is nick-named 'The Lions'.

This is the home shirt from the 1994-era, as as depicted by the picture from Sporting Heroes site, it is as worn by the club legend, the great Terry Hurlock.