Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just added yesterday. The shirt prepared for the Proton Selangor FC for their FAM Cup final against Sabah's Beverly FC. Made by Kappa Malaysia (thats why it ain't body hugging/fitting). Sponsored by the team's latest product, the new Proton Persona car. Dhurai (3) is one of its players. That's all I know. Oh ya.. this team will play in Malaysia's Premier League next season.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

The 39th Pestabola Merdeka (Merdeka Invitational) Tournament is around the corner and FAM as usual, is doing a 'WBE' (way below expectation) job in promoting it. I saw a TV promo on RTM1 once or twice. That's about it. And in the promo, Lesotho & Zimbabwe are mentioned as well. So are they in or are they not in?? Tak tau lah.... in the meantime, here's a 'home-made' poster. Spread the word, let's support our national team, again.. yeah..i know ..


Yup! It's in finally. But I chose the away shirt of LA.Galaxy with Becks' name & number. Thanks to Mr Rashid, a very helpful local Herbalife distributor.

Police FA bagged the Malaysian Premier League this year, and they will play in the Super League next year. Their jersey this year is made by local brand, Sukses, a brand owned by the Selangor State biz arm (I think!). Blue is the home one.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Both Indonesian home & away shirts from their recent commendable outing in the Asian Cup 2007 are already in. I got the home one printed with the capitano, Ponaryo Astaman's name & number. While striker Bambang Pamungkas for the away one.
Cheers :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Hey there,

Since Yahoo Photos is closing pretty soon, I am having all my shirts pics transfered to Photobucket. The transferings are being done now, so in the meantime the pics at Yahoo Photos cant be accessed. So hang on for a while ya...

Football shirts make the world go round!!


Some shirts gotten over the weekend

1. Fiorentina away old one by Reebok

2. Cameroon 2006 away by Puma

3. SV Hamburg 2005 home by Puma

4. Blackburn Rovers home 2006/07 by Lonsdale

5. Birmingham City away 2006/07 by Lonsdale

6. Mysterious "Singapore Celebrities Sports Club" shirt by Puma


Hakim Amir

6th August 2007