Wednesday, February 07, 2007

3 new shirts added today. They are :

Selangor Proton FC, a local team in the Selangor League and competed in last night's FA Cup 1st Round where they were dumped out. This team is funded of coz' by the national carmaker, Proton. The sponsor Savvy emblazoned on the shirt refers to one of their current pride & joy, the Proton Savvy model. Another local carmaker getting into the local footie action is ..

.. Naza Cars who sponsors Kuala Muda Naza FC in the local Premier League. Kuala Muda is a district in the northern Kedah state and the teaming-up makes sense financially as Naza is a solid financial backer for the otherwise unknown Kuala Muda football team.

That leaves the other national carmaker, Perodua to find a major team to tie up with and light up the local footie scene.. yay!

The 3rd shirt is Leyton Orient from England. Not sure which season this is from as I know currently they are using the Vandanel-make shirt. This one has Matchroom Sport logo on it and I know the company by the same name is the current owner of the team. A friend who knows someone from Matchroom Sport helped obtained this shirt for me. Thanks CK!


Anonymous said... to cantact you?

Anonymous said...

....aku nak tanya pasal local jc yang ko masukkan dlm kategori nak tukar tu....kalau aku nak beli jc tu boleh?

Hakim Amir said...

arjuna dewa, jc mana tu??

my email :

Anonymous said...

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