Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hi all, some new (and old) shirts added. They are :
1) Colombia old Reebok home shirt. Got this few years back from Ebay. I have suspicions whether it's the real stuff or not. Anyway, decided to 'restore/enhance' the shirt by having Colombian legend Carlos Valderrama name/number printed. At least I can proudly show it to my pals in the Colombian band down at the Qbar salsa club ;)

2) Australia World Cup 2006 home with Viduka name/number

3) Argentina World Cup 2006 home with Riquelme name/number. Cant wait to get his Boca Juniors shirt now that he's moved there.

5) Vera Cruz crazy away shirt. Brilliant colour!

6) Monterrey away shirt.
For all the shirts from the Mexican League : Gracias senor Jose'!

7) Local state team in Malaysia, Kedah FC's home shirt by Line 7. The 'Canaries' of Malaysia

8) Austria home shirt by Puma. Thanks to Marl who visited Vienna/Salzburg recently

9) Another local team, Selangor Proton FC's away shirt by Kappa. This is the fan club version whereby the special 'Fan Club' badge is embroidered on the shirt. Minus this badge, the shirt is the team's away playing shirt. Don't get too confused ..

10) An old Lithuania national team shirt made by Lotto. Any idea which year this shirt is?


Anonymous said...

wah hakim,kau ade baju argentina with player's name n number,sini dalam 33 pounds,sana brapa plak??aku nak buat crespo or messi but xde duit so x jadik,haha

marlina said...

your welcome :)