Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Added today :

1. Australia away Nike with Harry Kewell's name & number. Name & numbers do make world of differences to a shirt, ain't it?

2. France home Adidas with David Trezeguet's name & number.

3. Juventus centenario shirt (Red Nike) with Pavel Nedved's name & number

4. An old AC Milan shirt (during Rivaldo's time there). This is the Climacool player's version, with inner layer and a printed club badge (instead of the embroidered one)

Cheers. Have a good week !


kirsty said...

hey hakim!!! wow... what an amazing collection... how long have u been collecting these jerseys for???

btw i linked your blog from mine i hope you don't mind yeah??? (^_^)

kirsty said...

=) thanks for the comment on my blog... and yes... my first time to the stadium was really a fantastic experience and i promised i would do it again... first thing i gotta do is get me a jersey!!! woohhoo!!! (^_^)