Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some shirts obtained, cheaply, from the wonderful phenomenon on the streets of KL called 'bundles stores'!

1) Denmark home by Hummel, as worn in the 1998 France World Cup
2) Mitsubishi Urawa (now Urawa Reds) home shirt by Mizuno (needs restoration work!)
3) Oita Trinity (now Oita Trinita) home shirt by Mizuno (also needs restoration work)
4) the mighty Tualatin Thunderbolts FC youth team shirt!
5) and not to be outdone, the City of Plymouth, Michigan youth team shirt!


marlina said...

cant believe those jerseys are just 5 bux each...

silvertoes said...

kedai mane ni dude? bg la alamat.. pls

z i z o u said...

bro, admire ur passion.
in case if u wana sel it, do mel me.
btw, ur Derby cantik la