Friday, April 20, 2012

All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield hit song back in late 80's)

That seems to be theme song playing in my head as I decided to launch my latest project, which is to collect as many as possible, national team shirts from each of the countries from Planet Earth. At last count, I am only quarter of the way there, with about 89 countries covered. Long way to go, compared to the other collectors who have started this trend of collecting shirts from all over the world. Names such as Nick Warrick, Enrique Solorio etc are the stalwarts in this area. My respect & salute to them. Do check out their impressive collection!

As for my own collection, here they are in alphabetical order ....

Yugoslavia (now defunct)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My name is Lizzy; I work for the PR agency that is handling the Warrior Sports (new apparel sponsor of Liverpool FC) account here in Asia.

I thought I’d get in touch as I’m currently compiling a media database for bloggers. Being a football fan yourself, I thought you would be interested in getting a copy of the press release for the launch of the new kit - would you be interested? If so, please share your email and I will gladly add you to the database.

I can be reached at Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanks and have a great day!


Sechenov Fl said...

hello thr,if u want any collection frm russia,i can try help u to find over here.can get it to u during my summer holiday

Hakim Amir said...

Hi Schenov, thanks for the msg ..well, I am particularly looking for shirts of countries such as Estonia, Georgia, Uzbekitstan etc ... would appreciate any help.. thanks again

Gianpy said...

Hi Amir,

Do you have an email address I can contact you at? I'm a US soccer jersey collector and I was wondering if you would like to trade (or sell) one of your jerseys. I can get some rare jerseys on my hands so please let me know what kinds you need if you're interested.


Hakim Amir said...

hi Gianpy, sure thing..would love to. my email is