Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Shirts from Jogja (Yogyakarta) !

Souvenirs from the city of Jogja (Yogyakarta) in Central Java. These are the shirts of one of the main teams based in Jogja, PSS Sleman.
The top one is a match-worn shirt from the 2006 season, bought at the Ultras shop in Sleman district, while the V-neck shirt is the new version bought from a seller (fan of the team) in Jogja.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hakim!!

I chanced upon your blog and you have a wonderful collection. Anyway, i have an Iraq Jersey which you may be interested in.

Its original and if your keen, please contact me at: and i can send you pictures and a price.

Thanks!! :D

Nurdin Lathief | Ltbstore said...

saya Nurdin pak,
yang jualan JERSEY PSS SLEMAN di Yogya dulu..
bagaimana kabar ? sehat ?
kpn main ke jogja lg ?

Nurdin Lathief | Ltbstore said...


gilang said...

ini dikual nggak mas

Anonymous said...

ada jersey baru PSS lo mas, silakan dibeli via @PSS_Store , kebetulan ada nama budi sudarsono ,noh alamsah, dll :D

Anonymous said...

jersey no.15 yg pernah saya pakai buat Awaydays ke Ciracas Jakarta timur. Persipasi vs PSS Sleman...